Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer Waali Sunshine

Sweat. Odour. Prickly-heat. Exhaustion.

But also, funky shades. Shorts and sleeveless. Nimboo-paani. Flip flops. Cute parasols. Maybe even skinny-dipping.

Summers in Kolkata aren't exactly the most awaited season of the year. The humidity is intolerable and it literally (and scientifically) saps the life-energy out of you. You almost feel like a dog, and all that sweat doesn't go you much good with acne.

Yet, summer can be fun. I love lazing around in the house, indulging in reading or music. If I venture out, all I need is a slap of sunscreen and a spritz of my favourite deodorant.

Summer has longer days, and that means more time for fun! A refreshing drink of lassi at Esplanade at once livens me up for some shopping. In Kolkata, summer also brings the Mega-End-of-Year-Sale, the Chaitra Sale: one more reason to love summer!

What I love the most about summers is the summer-rains. I would love the feel of the cool drops of heaven on those darned prickly-heats. Also, after it gets really really scorching, mother-nature relents with what we know to be Kalbaishaki, or Nor' Westers. If I don't find myself caught in one this summer, the season goes in vain.

No, no amount of Maza or Frooti or Slice shall quench my thirst of a real, sweet, yellow mango. And, okay, maybe it only adds to your waist-line, but I love mangoes and will eat any given number of it. My summer is incomplete without the pickle of unripe mangoes, our beloved Kacche Aam ka Achaar. My mother makes this brilliant mango delicacy, involving unripe mangoes in a clear turmeric curry, and I'm head-over-heals with it.

Summers are, for me, perfect for the girls'-time-out. Be it a brunch or a luncheon, summer is the time when I love to slip on that comfy cotton dress and mix-and-match hats and shades. I'll share a secret, shades are brilliant camouflages while checking out that hot-bod!

Now that summer is on, it's time to turn on the fun on full swing too. I'll shop till I drop, read that pending novel and take coolers every two hours. What about you?

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The Lakmé Diva Blogger Contest", 2012.
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  1. Same here!....for me summers are for new dresses n colors...n u r right no drink do like mango fruit itself...nice post girl. i like the title 'summer waali sunshine'.

    1. Thank you for reading my post! However, with temperatures soaring to 40 degrees now, I don't quite feel the same... Hahaha!